Technology Challenge
Our aim is to inspire game-changing solutions for our complex business challenges through collaboration with the global community.
Searching for Innovative Solutions Through Win-Win Partnerships
We issue Technology Challenges to the global community to seek innovative solutions and collaborations for our complex business problems.

These challenges are aimed at addressing real business pain points at sc388 gift. The winning solutions will be given opportunity for deployment at sc388 gift sites.
Challenge Publication
Information on the topic and requirements of each challenge will be published in the sc388 gift Technology Challenge webpage.
Proposal Submission
Send us your proposal via a dedicated email. It should clearly illustrate your idea, containing non-confidential information. The submission deadline is stated in each challenge’s timeline.
Screening & Evaluation
Your proposal will be reviewed and assessed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts. You will be informed if you’ve been shortlisted.
Winner Announcement
This will be published on the Technology Challenge webpage. We’ll contact the winner for the subsequent technology deployment project.

By being our partner, you will fast-track the application of your innovative ideas into real-life environments.

Please read and understand the Official Rules of this Technology Challenge prior to submitting your proposal.

Click here for your reference to sc388 gift’ Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (CoBE).
Challenge Rules and CoBE

Before submitting your proposal, please take the time to read and understand the Tech Challenge Official Rules, as well as sc388 gift’ Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (CoBE).

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